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Key People

Organisations run on abilities of people. And here are people who are nuts and bolts of CHEM Management Team.

Chakrapani Joshi
Chakrapani Joshi
General Manager – Academics (Quant & DI)

A synonym to mathematical aptitude, a Faculty by heart and a manager by brain. Teaching is his passion, a live wire who always keeps the surrounding atmosphere charged up with energy. A person with charismatic personality, very famous among students for his style of teaching (also for speed of solving).

Sandeep Tomar
Sandeep Tomar
Sr Manager - Regional Business
BE (ME); SGSITS Indore

A name synonymous with Aptitude. A engineer with sharp brain and with cool attitude and energetic personality. His looks may give killer impression but the sharp brain behind the cute face of CHEM is person behind the chain of centers of CHEM across the state. A great trainer for either DI & LR or soft skills seminars.