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“The quality of the programs conducted by Cerebral Heights (now CH EdgeMakers) is very good. The faculties are knowledgeable and gave practical tips which helped our employees in acquiring necessary knowledge about the Personal Skills.”
Mr. Niraj Barethiya, Manager- HR, Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd

"Our participants rated the programs excellent. They found the programs development oriented & practical. They feel that the programs gave them the requisite input to be effective communicators and good presenters."

Mr. M M Rao, Head- HR, P&A, L&T Case Equipment Pvt. Ltd
“The workshop on Training the Trainers undeniably included many aspects of a true professional trainer in the current scenario. The program was a sort of refresher course that helped in chiseling and molding the instructing habits of all the faculty members.”
Ms. Anita Thakur, Coordinator- FDP, AITR
“The training program by Cerebral Heights (now CH EdgeMakers) has given several positive tips to our participants. The content of the program was also impressive.”
Mr. A K Goyal, Director, Valiant Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

“The best thing about our association with CognitiveCrops (now CH EdgeMakers) has been their ability to customize and personalize. That’s why we trusted them with our orientation programs & the full-day EDPs”
Mr. Vaibhav Modi, Manager HR, Eicher Motors


“The 40 – day training program with CognitiveCrops (now CH EdgeMakers) really groomed our people personally & professionally…they are unique in working closely with the client…”
Mr. Anil Agarwal, Sr. Manager – HR, Idea


”Training program with CognitiveCrops (now CH EdgeMakers) is an experience that stays with you. Their naturalness, ability-to-reach-out to people and precision in delivering the point home is the greatest asset we cherish as a client”
Ms. Sapna Akolkar, Manager HR, Flexituff International


“The feedback of the training programs has been par-excellence. The CognitiveCrops (now CH EdgeMakers) has always enriched our team-members and go much above & beyond the call-of-duty”
Mr. Manish Bhoraskar, Manager HR, Force Motors


“We were very happy to see the sincerity of The CognitiveCrops (now CH EdgeMakers) towards the client organization. We did a module with them that went for around 6 months and the attention-to-detail was impressive. We genuinely look forward to a longer association”
Mr. Sudeep Sharma, Manager HR, Nicholas Piramal


“Our whole-day workshop with The CognitiveCrops (now CH EdgeMakers) was a memorable experience. Their style is different and approach is very holistic. The participants carried a lot of stuff back to home.”
Ms. Shilpa, Branch Manager, IFFCO Tokio


“Our training association with CognitiveCrops (now CH EdgeMakers) has been a very fruitful one. They listened to us actively and gave the desired shape to our training-needs. It was a live demonstration of trust and companionship.”
Mr. Raje, Co-founder, Lotus


“It was very nice to attend workshop of ‘CognitiveCrops’ (now CH EdgeMakers) it made us introspect and get our preferences right…they are different yet pertinent…”
Mr. K. Mukati, Sr. Div. Manager, Bajaj Tempo Ltd.


“Our training & consulting association with ‘CognitiveCrops’ (now CH EdgeMakers) is a classic case of customer - delight…they brought important executive & managerial transformation... Their MDP was also experience of a lifetime…”
Col. Sunil Sharma, GM – HR, Suvi – Webdunia


“For us, the association with ‘CognitiveCrops’ (now CH EdgeMakers) has been truly fulfilling one…the hallmark of their services is innovation & customization… they are brilliant…”
Mr. Siddharth Sethi, CEO, InfoBeans, USA


“The nuances of customer psychology & innovation in Sales had immediate and long - term impact…workshop of ‘CognitiveCrops’ (now CH EdgeMakers) was a true value – addition…”
Mr. Raj Batra, Manager, Globus


“All personnel, from bottom to top were very fulfilled with the attitude – building workshop by ‘CognitiveCrops' (now CH EdgeMakers) they have real talent to motivate people…”
Ms. Shrishti Aware, HR Manager, Panjon Pharma

'Cerebral Heights’ and ‘Cognitive Crops’ are the old brands of Cerebral Heights and The EdgeMakers respectively.