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Rajendra Rathod
Rajendra Rathore
Working since 2006

Every individual lives with two responsibility –Personal and Professional and in both I can call myself successful. All thanks to this organization. Personally I gained “growth, respect, and stability", and professionally “knowledge, opportunity and leadership”. That has made my career successful, so I could say, in any profession two things are important “monetary and non monetary” that I have gained from CH EdgeMakers. Indeed the true professionalism of the profession I have learned from the organization.

Utkarsh Bhargava
Utkarsh Bhargava
Working since 2006

From a student at CH to manager-marketing at CHEM, I owe a major part of my growth to this amazing organization. CHEM is not just a workplace; it is a university where you graduate as a professional to take on the world outside. A place where you love to give and enjoy what you get. It is often said that work place is your second home but for me CH-House has always been my first home. I am thankful that today I have a confident and a distinct identity, all thanks to the growth that CHEM has given me. Hats off not only to all the Diros but every one who has contributed in my development.

vatsala garg
Vatsala Garg
Asst. Manager-LR


…..The perfect marriage rarely exists, but the perfect job sure does. And it is not all about the money and acclaim you gather along the way. The perfect job is the one that makes you look forward to Monday morning. And I’m one of those rare few who do look forward to Monday mornings. CHEM has brought out something in me that was always there, but dormant. It has been such a delightful experience to be working in the company of those who exactly think the way you do and to be doing what you always wanted to do…desperately.

M S Kumaran
Associate Faculty - VA, PD

It is an experience here to interact with the faculty team (even in the most informal way) which relieves any stress or nervousness when one is in doubt/less informed. CHEM instills confidence in people which helps them face the realities of tests of every kind including life. We explore and expose the talent and potentiality of the students and make them more responsible, transparent and frank in their attitude. We cherish and value our customers.

Mukti Masih
Freelance Writer and Associate Faculty, VA
The coolest workplace!
CHEM is cool and it teaches us to keep our heads cool too. CHEM is as much a school of ‘learning’ as it is a school of ‘unlearning’. It teaches you to unlearn some unproductive attitudes to learn some more progressive and futuristic traits. The reason why I have stuck with this organization since 2005 is because it offers enormous opportunities to discover my weaknesses and convert them into my best assets. This is where I have learnt to take myself less seriously and appreciate others’ potential more. Since I work with other organizations too as a writer, I know for a fact that CHEM is much more professional in its approach.  I guess I am an absolute ‘CH-hardie’!