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The composition of our GDP has shown a remarkable trend: The Service sector now accounts for the largest share in the pie. No surprises there. Industry and Agriculture both contribute less than what the Service sector does. What’s more, there is a definite trend that shows more people wanting to make a radical shift towards service sector related jobs.    

Changing Trends: The Education and Training Industry in India is witnessing an unprecedented era of growth, which is one of the highest in the Service Sector. With higher disposable income as well as increase in the number of willing people the spending is surely on a rise. Moreover ever-increasing demand of skilled people has led to exponential growth of the Education market. As the market grows, it is also becoming increasingly segmented with a growing emphasis on quality, value and customer satisfaction. Within the overall market for education and training services, a number of extremely profitable segments have emerged whose needs are specific and can be served only by experienced and professional organizations. Here, customers (students) are willing to pay a premium provided branded quality is available consistently.

MBA Entrance Education: This Segment constitutes a huge market as there is a distinct and acute need for quality training programs conducted by high caliber individuals for these examinations

Campus Recruitment Programme: The large number of Engineering graduates and Management post graduates coming out successful every year presents an excellent opportunity for training in Aptitude Tests, GD and PI, typically known as Campus Recruitment Programme.

Communicative English and Personality Development: English is a critical area for many students. There is a huge market waiting to be tapped for an organized player.

Recruitment Exam Preparation: Nationalized Banks have embarked on a massive staff recruitment drive and are advertising aggressively for PO’s and Clerks.

Business Opportunity: This can serve as very lucrative business if one rides the boom wave. Look at the positives -

This, however, only means that there is an OPPORTUNITY.

Finally we need to seize it. 

This is where we can help you.