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Fundamentals - For MCAs (1st Sem.)

We believe that the right inputs at the right time in the right manner create the best possibilities for a great future. As a part of our mission to develop scholars into personalities and personalities into professionals, we present “Fundamentals”, a workshop developed especially for the students from 1st year of MCA in order to assure an overall growth of the students at individual, social and corporate level in further years by giving them the rights inputs at the time of stepping into the professional education thereby aiming for their career aspirations.

In summary the workshop orients a Future IT Professional for:

Understanding Technology era
Utilizing Technical Education
Growing as a Technocrat

Workshop Contents

Workshop Duration

2 hours
We recommended that this workshop should be conducted within first two months of MCA Program.

Why Student's require it?

Special Note

This workshop is conducted by us without any training charges at all the institutions to provide the guidance to the students at the right time to enhance their employability in future under our mission to develop people for the development of our country

For more information or for arranging the session in your institution, contact us.