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Interview starts after first two answers

In this clip Sandeep Atre Sir in his usual style is telling that Interviewer is not going to be impressed just by the first two answers. In fact good number of interviewers will tell you that real Interview starts only after first two questions.


What Interviewer likes to listen

We always wonder what does this creature called interviewer likes to listen. In this clip Mr Sandeep Atre (Director- Academics, CH EdgeMakers) is enlightening us on just that.

Work on the insights of mind and see how impressive you become in every walk of life.


Example of an excellent interview

Sandeep Atre (Director- Academics, CH EdgeMakers) through example of "Chanakya" telling the importance of original opinions.

Just watch it !!!



Is knowledge imperative

Sumeet Maru (Director, CH EdgeMakers) discusses "Is knowledge Imperative?" We all always wonder why do we need knowledge and can we not do without it?
Watch this clip and decide for yourself!



An inspiring story of a Japanese boy.vob

Shailesh Jain (Director-Marketing, CH EdgeMakers) told a story of a disabled boy. This boy met a MENTOR who converted his disability into his biggest strength. Highly inspirational story with a simple message that whoever you are right MENTOR can get you success.



How to develop reasoning skills

Ajay is addressin a houseful audience of 1300 people on How to develop reasoning skills.

A must watch for all students..



'You' are your biggest asset in Interview

Mr Sandeep Atre (Director- Academics, CH EdgeMakers) guiding students on importance of "You" in an Interview.

The session is best captured in one line that he said, " The only thing you can carry everywhere with you is 'YOU'."



Reasoning problem: horse race

IIf you are someone who likes to feast on puzzles, this is going to excite you. Listen to the question try to solve it first. Then watch Sandeep Tomar handle this difficult problem in style. This sleek solution is going to make you think hard."


Reasoning problem: fake note

A classic problem which interests one and all. Catch the reasoning champ of team CHEM solving this one for you.

Why not try the puzzle yourself?



Reasoning Problem: Crossing the Bridge

Another classic problem which will make you think. Catch Sandeep Tomar, Sr Faculty - DI, LR & QA solving this one for you.

For best results solve the question by yourself before watching the solution.