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Selection Process: TCS selection process consist of 4 rounds

1) Aptitude test (written or Computer Based).
2) Technical round
3) Managerial Round
4) HR Round

Aptitude test : It consists of 35 questions 60min,(For computer based test the time is 80 minutes)the test consist of Math and reasoning. Question are asked from various topics like ratios, percentage, SI and CI, time and work,¬† time and speed, series questions, Set Theory (Qs. Based on Venn diagrams), permutation-combination,  probability data interpretation, pie charts, etc.

Technical Round: In technical round  questions are asked on C/C++, JAVA, Object Oriented programming, Data Structures, RDBMS, SQL Queries, Computer Networks, Operating System etc. People from Non Computer Background are asked question, largely focused on C/C++, programming basics and question related to their branch.

Managerial Round and/or HR Round: These rounds (MR and HR) are largely same. Questions are asked on checking confidence and communication. Describe yourself, Career plans, why TCS, Strength / Weakness, hobbies are the general areas of questions. Sometimes information regarding your city, meaning of names are also asked.

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