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IBSAT- December 2012
(Dummy Format for CAT/MBA Entrance Exams Analysis)

The IBSAT 2012 has no specified section but there was a specific order. There were a total of 140 questions and time given was 120 minutes ie 2 hours. There was NO negative marking. The sequences of the questions were as follows:
Q1-Q50 English Usage
Q51-Q80 Reading Comprehension.
Q81-Q110 Quantitative Aptitude
Q110-Q125 Data sufficiency
Q125- Q140 Data Interpretation


Q-1 – Q50 English Usage
This part had the following types.
10 questions on Synonym and Antonym. 10 questions on parajumbles . 10 questions on Fill ups. Around 5-8 questions on analogies and the rest on finding error in the sentences. Questions were of easy- moderate level. Parajumble were very easy. And rest were also on the same lines or a little moderate level.
Some of the questions were:

Q-51 – Q-80 Reading Comprehensions
This section had 5 RC’s each having 6 questions .The questions were very easy and directly based on the the information given in passage. One had a question regarding suggestion of the title of passage; there were no inference based question.

Q81- Q110 Quantitaive Aptitude
This section had 2-3 questions on a difficult level. There were questions on almost every topic taught in maths. There was a question on log also. Basic concepts of maths were asked and 80% of the questions were easily managable.

Q111-Q125 Data sufficiency
This was an interesting section as there were a whole lot of 15 questions on this. The questions were a little tricky and I suggest that one should quickly review his answer again.

Q125-Q140 Data Interpretation

There were 3 graphs. One was on Pie chart, one on Bar graph and the last one on line graph. Each set had 5 questions, thus a total of 15. The difficulty level for this was also on the easy side. Calculations were not tough and values were basically in whole numbers.

Overall Analysis:

I would suggest that as a total of 140 questions need to be done in a span of 120 minutes, one can not afford to lose his speed at any point of time. Overall difficulty level was easy and one should prefer doing QA over RC’s as reading 5 RC’s on a go takes a lot of time. One should also save his last 3-4 minutes for marking all the remaining questions as there is no negative marking.

Expected number of attempts: 100-110 well thought attempts
Accuracy Range: 85%-90%
Expected score: 90-100

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