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February MAT 2012 is no different from the regular MAT patterns which are conducted four times a year. The test had 5 sections each comprising 40 questions with 1/4th –ve marking for each incorrect answer. The overall score could be around 100+ questions with 90% accuracy.

Duration of Test

150 minutes

Number of Questions


Marks per Question


Negative marking


Number of Sections


Number of options


The Mathematical Skills section seemed to be tougher as compared to traditional MAT pattern. The questions were from ratios and percentage, profit & loss, SI and CI, partnership, speed time and distance, time and work, pipes and cistern, linear and quadratic equations, permutation and combination, probability and mensuration.  However there was a question from trigonometry also. The section was difficult as there were lengthy calculations. Intelligence & Verbal Reasoning section was very easy while DI section was on a moderate to tough side as there were calculations. DS was very easy, similarly there were 5 questions based on comparison. General knowledge section was based on companies, awards, CRR, liquidity and social aspects of business. The Language Comprehension section was very easy. There were 5 passages of short length and 4 Qs each summing to 20. The other varieties of questions were ‘fill in the blanks’, error identification, para jumble, antonyms and one word substitution.  There were no questions on synonyms. There was a new variety where fill in the blanks were given in the form of summarizing a paragraph.
Language Comprehension
This section was easy. Overall an attempt of 27+ is manageable in 35 to 40 minutes. As discussed above there were 5 passages of RC, with other varieties of EU and VA. There were questions based on antonyms, para jumbles, para completion, fill in the blanks, error identifications etc. 
Mathematical Skills
This section was difficult as the number of attempts can not be more than 20 minutes keeping the length of calculation and difficulty level of the questions in mind. There were few questions which could be done with the help of the options, otherwise the section had almost 20 questions which can reduce the speed of attempts required for a lengthy paper like MAT. So an attempt of 20+ is fairly a handsome attempt.
Intelligence & Verbal Reasoning
This section was easiest and any one could have easily attempted 30+ questions in 35 to 40 minutes. The variety of questions was traditional like analytical reasoning, critical reasoning, and mathematical reasoning. The critical reasoning questions were based on event cause variety.

Data Analysis & Sufficiency
This section was moderate to difficult level as there were heavy calculations required to attempt a questions. All kind of graphs were given like table, bar graph, pie chart, line graph and combination if graph. In the limited time one could have attempted anywhere between 20 to 25 questions.
There were 40 questions based on Current affairs. Most of the questions were dynamic GK. The variety of questions asked were based on issues like CRR of banks, liquidity, noble prize winner in literature, snooker champion, logo of a company and its name. The number of questions attempted is purely on reading habits of a particular student.
The overall attempt could be of 100+ questions.