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MICAT had three parts to be answered in two & a half hours. The entire test was in two booklets. Booklet I had two parts (first part Objective test and second part for subjective questions & story writing). Booklet II was a psychographic test. Overall it was an exhausting experience. Time management happens to be the key.

Booklet – I : first part had 4 sections as under
Sec A : Verbal Reasoning (5 options)  
15 Qs. On word associations – fairly tough needed very good vocabulary and usage.
Four words were given as question words and there were five options given. The option that can be associated with all the four words was the required answer. An eg.
Qs. words
Set     Brain     Out     Worry  
The required answer was “mind” as in mindset, brain is synonym of mind, “out of mind” is a phrase and “to mind” is to worry.

5 Qs. On Statement & assumptions – standard variety and fairly straightforward ones
5 Qs. On verbal data sufficiency – again were moderate to simple
In both the above types the students will have to be careful about marking the right options according to the definitions as they were quite confusing.

10 Qs. On visual reasoning – At least 9 were attemptable.
Sec B : General Awareness (4 options) Mixed Toughness levels
25 Questions spanning
Logos & their designers/companies/Brands
Mergers & Acquisitions (two questions on Munjals and Honda dissociation)
Statistics - % of Indian population below a certain age group
Ad agencies, PR agencies, Event Management Cos & Brands
Quite a few questions on popular websites (social networking and the likes) and their owners/designers
Business Awareness
Sec C : MA/DI (4 options) – Tough overall
2 Questions on Table Data (complex calculations)
2 Tough questions on Functions & Inequalities (Tough)
5 Questions on Probability – 3 of them were quite confusing
1 Tough Question in Trigonometry (Tough – 3D)
4 Questions on Annuities (one on Loan, installment payback, refinance and Interest calculations;  One on SIP investment in a fund and expected return calculations) – 2 questions in each set (fairly tough – needed long calculations)
1 Question on inequality and range of functions (moderate)
1 on allocation of projects to persons for optimization of time (v simple)
1one on demand and revenue functions (tough)
2 Qs. On data of share price and volumes data on one share for two years in a line graph format. On the basis of graphs the returns of two investors to be compared based on time and extent of investment (moderate).
3 qs on Distance & Time (1 on relative speed) – simple
1 Qs. On number theory (no. of numerical keys pressed to type from 1 to 100000 on a computer)

Sec D : Verbal Ability (4 options) – Moderate overall
2 RCs (small – half page) 2+3 questions simple & direct types
10 Paired Fill in the blanks (moderate to tough) Some of them on confusing words (like usage of  advise/advice, discreet/discrete, affect/effect) rest needed some good vocabulary
6 Questions on Jumbled up paragraph. Starting line of the para was given and then five statements to arrange – Simple to moderate.

Booklet I : second part had four questions with approx. one and a half page of ruled writing space. All questions in this section were necessary to be answered – otherwise the MICAT would not be assessed.
The Questions were
1.    “Trial by Media is Justified”. Provide arguments in favour of this statement.
2.    “Trial by Media is Justified.” Provide arguments against the statement.
3.    “Trial by Media is Justified.” Provide your view in 40-50 words as the editor of some newspaper has requested you for your views. Please remember that you cannot take a neutral stand otherwise your answers will not be evaluated.
4.    A set of nine completely unrelated pictures were given ( a child carrying a “potli”, an icon of a cow, A superhero toy, a 3-D puzzle piece, a Hollywood movie scene, a toy house wrapped with a measuring tape, thick jungle, a umbrella shaped hay thachet, etc.) We were supposed to sequence them and write the sequence first in boxes and then write  story in which these scenes should appear in the same sequence.

Booklet II :
Was distributed after two hours and then in the next 30 min the psychographic test in this part was to be answered. All questions were to be necessarily answered. It has three sections.
Sec E :  30 personality statements  were given and we had to choose any ten that fitted our personality the best
Sec F : 26 statements were given and we had to choose the extent to which our personality suited the statement from strong agreement to one side to strong agreement on the opposite side of the statement.
Sec G : Had ten questions in each of which six statements were to be rated in decreasing order of their fit to our personality.