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SNAP – 16 Dec 2012

SNAP - Symbiosis National Aptitude Test is conducted for various colleges of Symbiosis International University, Pune. This year it was conducted on 16th Dec 2012. The test has a fixed structure which consists of 40 questions each of QA+DI, VA and GK along with 30 questions of LR. There is 1 Mark per question for the section of QA+DI, VA and GK and there are 2 marks per questions for the section of LR. In this way the test is of 180 marks. There is 1/4th negative marking for wrong options. The duration of the test is 2 hours or 120 minutes.

Historically the test is very simple and a person can easily attempt 90 – 100 questions with a net score of 110+ marks. This year also the test was very simple if we talk about the QA section, easy to moderate in GK section, very easy LR and moderate VA section. This year there was a surprise that the question paper was also taken back along with the OMR sheet.


Section 1: Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation: This section was very easy and any one could have easily attempted 30 plus questions in 30-35 minutes time. In a 2 hour test with 150 questions it is highly desirable to create a good “section/time distribution” strategy. There were some students who could not attempt this very simple section just because they did not create a good time line for the test.

Topic                              Number of Questions

Arithmetic & Algebra                  9
Profit & Loss                              7
DI Case                                   6 (based on basic salary, PF and expenditure)
Time Speed                              4
Ratio and Proportion                 3
Modern Maths:                         3
(P&C, Probability, Set Theory)               
Geometry                                 3
Numbers                                  1
Time Work                                1
Percentages                              1             
Statistics                                  1
Partnership                               1

Section 2: Logical Reasoning: There were some very easy questions in the paper. Again it is necessary to mention that the section could have been easy only if a person had applied time management properly. Puzzles were time consuming but could have been done. Overall the section was more time consuming and one should have invested more time as the weight per question in this section was more. This section was of 60 marks. Circular arrangement, Blood relation based questions were easy. There were two questions of FIJ in this section and were very easy. The other varieties were coding decoding, odd one out, etc. An attempt of 20+ questions can be considered to be very good.

Topic                               Number of Questions
Venn Diagram                                4
Blood Relation                               4
Cubes                                           4
Analytical Reasoning                      4
(six houses facing north and south)
Circular Arrangement                      3
Switching                                         3
FIJ                                                    2
Grid / matrix based                          2
Operators                                        2
Analogy                                           1
Coding decoding                             1

Section 3: Language Comprehension- This section was comparatively tougher than the other sections especially for those who are not so good at vocabulary part. There was only one RC based on some native people of Britain and the questions were direct in nature except for one question which was inferential. A person who has good hold on vocabulary could have easily done 30+ questions in this section within 20 to 25 minutes.  
Topic                                Number of Questions
RC (1 RC)                                          5
Vocab based                                    13
(Synonym, antonym)
Fill In the blanks                               3
Parajumbles                                     4
Grammar Usage                              10
Error identification                            5

Section 4: General Awareness- It was easy to moderate difficulty level section. Regular reading must have helped the students to attempt good number of questions in this section. Even those who are just in touch of current affairs and has a fair bit of idea about Indian history could have attempted around 15 plus questions in this section.

Topic                            Number of Questions
Current Affairs                                     20
Science                                                  4
Politics                                                  4
Business                                              12

Expected score:
SIBM-Pune –                    103 – 108+
SCMHRD  -                        96 – 101+
SIIB  -                               88 – 93+
SIBM-B  -                            88 - 93+
Best of Luck.