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After declaration that CAT is going to be CBT, I got very tensed. I’m not one of those ultra-computer friendly guy. At CHEM I got inputs on the necessary computer skills. The technology and interface of NATCAT was almost like CAT. When I wrote my Actual CAT I felt as if I’m writing another NATCAT. I would advise any CAT-taker to seriously consider NATCAT for his final prep.   CAT is said to produce real surprises every time. But my preparation at CHEM failed them. A year and a half of rigorous preparation with some 40-50 NATCAT/FLT proved to be real good. The NATCATs were so close to the difficulty level of actual CAT that one could not make difference between them. I’m glad that I decided to join CHEM.
  Supriya Sarolkar; IIM Calcutta, NMIMS
Nayan Nagori; IIM Ahmedabad  
My mentors at CHEM kept telling me, “An in-depth analysis of test is as important (if not more) as writing the test.” After a few well analyzed tests I could see their point proving in the form of my increased scores and confidence. This analysis was hugely helped by an uncluttered SPA (Student Performance Assessment System). SPA provided me pin-pointed inputs on my accuracy and my speed both. Thanks CHEM for providing me such a good tool to analyze my performance.  

If you are a serious CAT aspirant you will value the fact that analysis of test is of no use if you can’t see your result in time. The dedicated CHEM team always processed our results before we had to take the next test. They made sure that all efforts that we put in our preparation bear fruits for us.

  Shreyas Haridas; SCMHRD
  I had heard English was the toughest section in CAT and there have been passages asked which were so tough that you can’t understand them even if you use a dictionary. Being average at English, that made me feel that I am never going to crack CAT (English). Still I decided to start my CAT preparation with CHEM. My English faculty through some very interesting exercises/games helped me come out of my fear of English and then by focusing on right areas made me master it. My mentors helped me make a strategy for CAT which helped me optimize my score in English. I’ll lifelong remember the efforts put by faculty to help me come out of English-phobia.

Anand Agrawal; IIT Chennai

As a student I love to talk to my faculty and discuss my problems with them in person. When I was choosing coaching institute for my CAT prep that’s what worried me the most. Coaching institutes train thousands of students so chances of getting personal attention are bleak. But at CHEM all my fears proved to be wrong. They do train thousands of students but not with 4-5 faculty members. I got so much personal attention, my mentors always had track of my progress, and there were times I felt my faculty is more concerned about my selection than me. At every time of the day faculty was available to help me with my doubts.  
  Lokendra Chouhan; IIM Kozikhode

CAT is a test of Aptitude and that is the area my every Faculty always focused on. From their experience they always knew what problems we are going to face in each topic and at each stage. Whenever I faced a roadblock and was feeling that my scores are stagnant, pin pointed advice from faculty helped me improve without fail. Thanks to all the Faculty at CHEM! CHEM rocks!!!

Kuleen Patwari; NMIMS, NIRMA  

I always read on MBA forums that you have to refer to material from various coaching institutes to prepare well. All of it was crap! At CHEM the courseware provided was ample in quantity as well as quality. I had questions/tests to be solved even for exams post CAT. In fact my friends from other coaching institutes had to refer to my material for their preparation.


Naishrati Soni; ITM Navi Mumbai

Shrey K S Tomar; IIM Ranchi   The faculty and other services at CHEM were definitely good, but I was highly impressed by the courseware. They promised me a “Tough-Enough” material and it proved to be enough tough for my CAT. I wrote almost every major exam and each of them proved to be manageable.

What is the use of MBA preparation, if you don’t get selected to an MBA institute? That was the motto with which ‘B School Info Cell’ runs at CHEM. The support on B-School included presentations on exam patterns, B-School profiling, elaborate counseling and publishing B-School Directories. On top of it they have a B-School Helpline Number as well. Today if I am studying in a B-School lot of credit goes to the relentless efforts of these guys.


Nimish Jain; IIT Bombay, IIFT Kolkata, IMT Ghaziabad

  My MBA preparation at CHEM was more structured than anything I’ve ever seen. We were always aware about what we are learning and why are we learning it. This was greatly enhanced by specific courseware for each stage of preparation.

Prakhar Dadheech; MDI Gurgaon


When I started my MBA prep, faculty results and test series is all I was caring for and these people at CHEM kept telling me good customer service will multiply the effectiveness of anything. Nevertheless I joined CHEM and started to realize that the support from even non-faculty team mattered a lot. They always listened and acted on all my requests, grudges, suggestions and complaints. I was overwhelmed by the service levels provided. The exposure helped me get inputs on good customer service for my future managerial career.

  Piyusha Baghel; IIM Ranchi

Getting a GD-PI call is only half a battle won. One has to convert the call to win the complete battle. That is the mantra with which the GD-PI preparation is done at CHEM. Extraordinary faculty team giving insights of the GD-PI process, grueling PIs, insightful PCSs and the most competitive peer group are just some of the highlights. The GD-PI training post-CAT was the most enriching experience of my life.


Prachi Pouranik; NIRMA


Shubham Agrawal; IMT Ghaziabad & XIM Bhubaneswar


& many many more.......