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Overall Analysis:

One of the toughest test-papers ever!! “Too BAD” is how we saw the reaction.

But - the end-result is not going to be BAD, because there would be as many calls as would have been in an easy paper. XAT ensured that they tested students after unsettling them. Here are some highlights and expectations:

Section Analysis: QA and DI

The section is hands in hands in terms of difficulty level with entire test paper of XAT. Questions are tough both in terms of variety of areas as well as language. This section had maximum weightage i.e. 117 marks out of 253.  That is almost less than 50 % hence 45 to 50 minutes should be given to the section. In this time all questions with weight 1 to 3 marks should be tried. 5 markers were very tough except one question but that too will be impossible in the scenario of exam.


No. of Qs

Number Theory


Tax Calculation






Set Theory


P&C, Probability


Higher Maths (Trigonometry, Maxima Minima, Co-ordinate Geometry etc.)


Misc. (Logarithms, Surds, calculation etc.)




Distribution of marks

7q @ 1-marks    = 7-marks
14q @ 2-marks = 28-marks
14q @ 3-marks = 42-marks
8q @ 5-marks    = 40-marks

In all there were 43-questions totaling to 117-marks, and equivalent to 46% weight. Some questions out of 1, 2 and 3 marks were manageable. Number theory and geometry could be tried with help of options and assumption of values.

Must have been attempted (As per Set A): 1 - 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 26, 29, 34

May be attempted (As per Set A): 11, 12, 19, 22, 27, 31, 33

Remaining questions should have been attempted last, only if there was more time.

Section Analysis: VA and LR
Distribution of questions in the section was as follows:

13 Qs @ 1 marks = 13 marks
08 Qs @ 2 marks = 16 marks
12 Qs @ 3 marks = 36 marks
01 Q   @ 4 marks = 4 marks

 In all there were 34-questions totaling to 69-marks, and equivalent to 27% weight.

There were 34 questions this year as compared to 31 in XAT 10. A few vocabulary, and English Usage questions were relatively easy as compared to the other questions. Apart from the 2 -4 doable usage based and vocabulary questions, few verbal questions (idiom , analogies, fill in the blanks) were confusing. Quite a few RC questions and most of the critical reasoning questions were of the time consuming level. A new variety of Question on punctuation was also a little time consuming. Para Jumbles were confusing with subtle difference between two options. Overall this section falls under the category of moderate to difficult level.  One should attempt this section with a judicious selection of questions according to the marks allotted.

Must have been attempted (As per set ‘A’):48, 49, 50, 51, 56, 57, 60, 65, 75-77

May be attempted (As per set ‘A’): 44-47, 62, 64, 66, 68

Rest of the questions should have been attempted in last, only if there was more time.

Section Analysis: AR and DM

No of questions and marks:

1q @ 1-marks    = 1-marks
8q @ 2-marks    = 16-marks
12q @ 3-marks = 36-marks
1q @ 4-marks    = 4-marks
2q @ 5-marks    = 10-marks

In all there were 24-questions totaling to 67-marks, and equivalent to 26% weight.

The questions of Decision-making were newer BUT most doable in the section, simply because there was no solving involved. Rest was difficult and hence time-consuming. Success in the section rested on right-selection of questions.

Must have been attempted:

  1. Govt v/s top-executives of power cos. (1-question)
  2. CEO of telecom co (2-questions)
  3. Rent using silver-bar (1-question)
  4. Alex co rooms allocation (3-questions)
  5. CTM CMMS (4-questions)

May be attempted:

Remaining questions should have been attempted last, only if there was more time.


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