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An organization is a collection of individuals who have come together for a common purpose. For an organization to excel it is imperative that its individuals excel. And for individuals to excel they need to be regularly groomed. The best of the organizations across world appreciate this simple logic and invest regularly in learning of their employees.

It is a classical question in the training field that why firms train their employees. There are few questions which need to be answered. Let us handle them one-by-one.

Are technical/ job-related skills enough?
Well, Technical and job-related skills are a must, but they are NOT sufficient when it comes to progressing up the ladder. With the traditional style of leadership becoming passé, professional managers expect their teams to be proactive and communicate openly. It is essential to be technically sound, but one should also have the ability to convey the idea to the masses in the simplest possible manner. Planning is necessary but execution is also equally important. And it takes soft skills to execute any idea because it involves dealing with people directly.

Why soft skills are necessary to grow in an organization?
In the initial years of the career, the technical abilities are important to get good assignments. However, when it comes to growing in an organization, it is one's personal ability that matters since there will be several people with same technical expertise competing for a promotion.

Can a training session of few hours enhance the soft skills?
There is a lot of argument in the industry as to whether it is possible to enhance soft skills in a few hours of training, especially when one considers the fact that a person has lived with those traits all his life. To this, the answer is harsh but real— a professional who wants to do well in his/ her career does not really have a choice.

Why the Companies should take this initiative?
Soft skills training is essential because we do not have it in our academic curricula. Therefore, corporate houses have to take up the task of grooming employees who are the link between the company and the external world, so that they are able to present themselves and their company better.