CH EdgeMakers strives to be known as…

Central India’s most reputable ‘one-stop destination for all coaching needs’, training students by…… adopting an “Intense Result-Orientation through building their Conceptual-Soundness” and …by developing them as “thinking-beings with holistic understanding* of their chosen pursuits”

*they have a clear understanding of “what they are preparing for?”, “why they are preparing for it?” and “how ‘what they are preparing for’ fits in the larger scheme of their life-model”.


  • Innovative and profound (simple, yet very deep) training-methodology
  • Faculty Team with ‘mentoring approach’, ‘updated knowledge’ and ‘quality skill-set’
  • ‘Thoroughly researched’ and ‘Uniquely presented’ courseware
  • Personal attention with a feeling of ‘emotional stake-holding’ (we operate through empathy, and feel a moral as well as emotional participation in the growth of each of our student during training)