Comprehensive Courseware
Our courseware supports and challenges at the same time! It first helps the students grasp the fundamentals of the topics in an easy to understand manner and then incrementally pushes them to extend their limits to the desired extent. And what more! It is updated regularly according to the changing patterns of various exams and the demands of time.
Tenacious Trainers
They are the jewels in our crown! With the founders themselves involved actively in teaching and an enviable mix of seniority and youth in the faculty, it is a par-excellence team that is qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, equipped, accessible and encouraging. In short, your friend, philosopher and guide…all put together!
Meticulous Methodology
The entire process of training the students is taken very seriously at CHEM. Each and every class is given prime importance, no leniency is tolerated, conceptual strength is focused upon, rigorous practicing is enforced, continuous testing is done and result-orientation is sustained! It tracks individual performance and is backed by personalized doubt-solving and customized counseling.
Intelligent Infrastructure
With a thought to ‘increasing your effectiveness through our efficiency’, we have multiple centres providing wider reach. Our facilities boast of the best in class – Multimedia classrooms, broadband enabled computer labs, well-stocked library, various information cells, state-of-the-art software backbone, web-portal for students and many such cutting-edge facilities.
All-round Approach
We are far more than merely a coaching class! Life at CHEM is not just about studying. While success in competitive exams is the primary goal, a lot of attention is also given to co-curricular activities. Various events, competitions, seminars, meets, camps, celebrations and interactions on and off campus are frequently organized. It is all about your holistic development!