Analysis of CAT 18 – First Shift

CAT-18 was much on expected lines, no real surprises. The level of test paper was balanced between Moderate to Difficult. The test process and CBT ran smoothly, with no bad experiences reported.
Overall percentile projection: 99%ile at a balanced score of 160-165. Students scoring overall 150+ may expect few IIM calls.

VARC section:
This section was easiest in terms of degree of difficulty. Total 34 questions in 60 min. Major weight age to Reading Comprehension (RC) with 24 questions spread over 5 passages. Other questions were from para-jumbles, Para-summary, odd-one-out.
Expected percentile: 99%ile at score of 72 while 90%ile at score of 55

DILR section:
This section was moderate to difficult, overall degree of difficulty being easier than last year. In all there were 8-sets of 4 questions each, total 32 questions to be attempted in 60 min. The key was to identify around 5-sets to attempt at length. Most questions were designed to assess logical interpretation of data.
Expected percentile: 99%ile at score of 55 while 90%ile at score of 40

QA section:
This section was tougher than what has been observed in past 3-4 years. Candidates ended up devoting more time, either in interpreting the question or in solving. The major observations on topicwise coverage are – higher weightage to Log (3q), reduced weightage to Number Theory (2q). Highest no of questions from Arithmatic (15q).
Expected percentile: 99%ile at score of 64 while 90%ile at score of 45