‘Team Training’ is no longer a strategic option, but it is a survival imperative. However, ‘making it happen’ needs infrastructure on the ground that supports growth – ‘Corporate Training division of CH EdgeMakers’ finds its reason to be born. We propose to partner corporate companies in building and supporting people and people processes.

Aims at imparting knowledge while refreshing and pepping up their skill sets. It stands apart in its strong conceptual content, activity based learnings and quality of faculty.

Aims to be a skill builder and enhancer! We facilitate adult learning through a unique and innovative program structure and term engagement certificate courses.

Consulting outsourcing

People management systems and processes are tools to organizational growth. Designing, building and executing them is what we do for you. It is more like an outsourced HR department.



  • Experience: CHEM uses its extensive experience of more than twelve years to introduce new learning methods, create training content and deliver high quality corporate education.
  • Trainers: CH boasts of having the best team of trainers in central India mostly engineers and MBAs from various top Management Institutes including IIMs.
  • Training Methodology: All the training programs of CH are interactive workshops with practical approach and minimum theoretical concepts. Built on the expertise of CH in the arena of Personal Skills and aided by the industry experience of the people behind it, these programs are interactive workshops, which bring about improvement in people by making them do things. Because we firmly believe in the adage-“I hear- I forget,
    I see- I remember, but
    I do- I understand.”
  • Interactive: Personality skills are unique to people and hence a lecture addressing some general rules do not suffice. What is required is an interactive and thorough discussion on finer issues.
  • Tools for the workshop: Case Studies, exercises, projects, multimedia presentations, puzzles, anecdotes and audio visual tools make learning interesting and a lasting one.
  • Mock Exercises & Analysis: The participants would undergo a large number of practical exercises on every workshop they attend.
  • Customization: CH customizes training programs to suit the requirements of the customers thus enabling the achievement of higher productivity in the workplace.