All in all we can make you reap the benefits of the opportunity from the day one. Our resources and experiences enable you to not spend time in learning the nuances of this business and become immediately productive.
How do we fit (Rather why only CH EdgeMakers fits)
On a more concrete note we offer you

License to use CH EdgeMakers and hence benefit from its goodwill:
CH EdgeMakers is easily recognized in top management colleges, thanks to ever-increasing CHEMpions there. Moreover reputed Institute like Institute of Chartered Accountants of India have chosen to partner with CH to train all budding CAs. 
Technical Know-how needed to train students:
This is possible now, as we have already taken the risk for several years, fine-tuned the courses & methodologies and developed better and streamlined programs. Each course that we offer for you has gone through a long journey before it gets to you. 
Thoroughly researched and updated Courseware:
We also supply all the material to be given to the students. It is developed by a team of highly qualified people from diverse fields. This includes people who themselves write the major exams.
Systems and Procedures to manage this training centre:
You will also get systems for handling all your operations efficiently. Enquiry, registration, fee collection, accounting, advertising and publicity, materials ordering and management procedures and systems for all these and more are contained in the Business Manual. We also give standardized structures for fee receipts, registration forms, ID cards etc. so that your effort is minimized.
As an organization, we are deeply committed to technology and most of our internal systems and processes (marketing and administration) are IT-enabled. We will assist you in joining this network, and train you and your people in these processes.
Marketing Design Support:
You get ready made advertisement formats, posters, handouts and promotional plans. There are standard tips on Seminars and marketing also. We have developed this expertise over the years, specifically keeping in mind the market requirements of various geographical territories. Standardized support kits containing CDs etc. will be provided for your benefit.
Training the Faculty and the staff for making them perform at their best:
The first round of training comes absolutely free to you. Most of the sessions are recorded in Cassettes & CDs to provide the immediate support to the faculty regarding conduction of the specific sessions.
Regular support on academic, administrative or marketing issues:
Once you start, we will provide continuous support and guidance. Based on research and an analysis of students’ needs, the courses and the material will be developed and improved continuously.
National benchmarking:
For different standardized tests, we provide All-India Rankings that help students judge themselves on a very realistic benchmark. Thus, you and your students get the benefit of being part of a national system.

Last but not the least, CH EdgeMakers with its courses offers you a great opportunity to tap market segments other than MBA entrance.

Access to web based tools and website.

CHEdgeMakers courses can also be used for target segments like Job seekers, growth-seeking professionals, and for that matter anybody seeking personality and language improvement. This would not only be highly rewarding but shall create ground for the MBA courses.