Dear CHEMpions

This year CAT being scheduled late (4th December 2016), IIFT scheduled on 27th November 2016 is the first major MBA entrance exam before CAT. It is interesting that this test survived even when the then HRD minister was working on a policy to reduce the overall number of tests for MBA Entrance to five. In that process JMET, FMS, IRMA and many other tests were discontinued and most of them aligned to either CAT, XAT, MAT or CMAT. And yet IIFT continued. So here is a first rush view
Do check your performance with a detailed question by question analysis that follows on this page.
IIFT over the years is a pretty standard test with 0. 5 mark GA questions, 0.75 Marks English Usage and Logical Reasoning questions and the rest 1 mark questions totaling to a 100 mark paper. This year there were 123 questions across sections. An important issue here is distributing time amongst the sections for maximizing performance.

Section 1 had 20 questions of QA with 1 mark each. The section was easier as compared to previous year QA sections.

Section 2 – Part 1 was 16.5 marks section consisting of Logical Reasoning while Section 2 – Part 2 was 20 marks section consisted of Data Interpretation section. DI as always was cumbersome and full of calculations. But data was not complex.
Section 3 in two parts RC and EU worth 31 marks almost equally distributed.
Section 4 General Awareness was worth 12.5 marks. It was simple section if you have been reading the Editorial, Business and National/International pages of Newspapers regularly. Key was speed here.

So, a good distribution of time would have been

Section 1 : 30 min
Section 2 : 45 min (15 + 30)
Section 3 : 35 min (20 + 15)
Section 4 : 10 min.
The expected cutoffs for various sections will be as follows:
QA : 13 to 14
LR : 9 to 10
DI: 9 to 10
RC: 9 to 10
EU: 6 to 7
GA: 5 to 6
As you read through this analysis you realize that creating and implementing a time strategy is critical to your performance in MBA entrance tests. So even if you were not doing so. Do it now onwards in every test and your practice test as you continue your journey forward.
Let me remind you again of the effort that your faculty team makes in making available such detailed analysis along with our backend team that makes it all possible.
We remain, your best friends in your journey to high profile careers. All the very best for your coming tests.
We will be back with our analysis of the most awaited exam of the year i.e. CAT 2016 which is going to be held on a single day this year on 4th December 2016. We wish you all the best for the CAT.