Reading Comprehension


Like last year there were sixteen questions in this section although there were five passages rather than four. The passages were lengthy and two of them had difficult questions. Also, the language of the passages was academic in nature and so this section was lengthy. Selection was key to maximize the score. One could do three passages in 20 minutes. Thus an attempt of 7 to 9 questions is good.


Verbal Ability


Section was relatively easier than last year’s IIFT. There were 20 questions with 0.75 marks each. Word jumble question reappeared this year and two of them were difficult. There were four questions in which origin of words was asked. These questions were also tricky. Fill in the blanks, error identification and sentence improvement questions saved the day. These questions were easy to moderate. Like every year there were question based of foreign words. A good student can attempt 9 to 11 questions in 15 minutes with ease.


Quantitative Ability


In this section there were 20 questions and almost all the concepts like arithmetic, geometry, logarithm, functions, equations, trigonometry, and set theory were tested. The difficulty level of the section was moderate to tough. One could have attempted around 10 questions in 25 minutes with 90% accuracy.


Data Interpretation


In this section there were 20 questions divided into 5 sets of 4 questions each. At first glance this section seems to be calculation intensive, but there were at least 2 sets which were easier to solve and calculation was not that intensive. In 25 minutes around 12 questions can be solved with 90% accuracy.


Logical Reasoning


In this section there were 20 questions which were based on coding, matrix arrangement, conditional reasoning, and circular arrangement, input-output. It was important to select right sets in this section otherwise one could get stuck in some sets. 25 minutes around 12 questions can be solved with 90% accuracy.


Overall Analysis


IIFT 2018 was on the similar lines as IIFT 2017 in terms of difficulty level and number of questions. However the weightage given to DI section is 20 insteadof 15 last year and that of EU was redued to 15 from 20 as compared to last year. Ideally one should look to attempt around 60 questions with 85% accuracy. Cutoff is likely to be 39+.